Employee Spotlight – Jeff Miller

Our spotlight shines on Jeff Miller this week, our Membership Sales Manager representing Air Evac Lifeteam #108 in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Jeff has been with us since the summer of 2015.  Before joining the AirMedCare Network team Jeff was in retail and has over 15 years of management experience.

Jeff is proud of his Kentucky roots and lives where he was born and raised in Benton, Kentucky with his wife Deanna, son Brady, step-son Ethan and their dog Buttercup.  Jeff loves sports and is a fan of everything involving the University of Kentucky Wildcats, especially basketball.  If he’s not working or spending time with his family you can more than likely catch Jeff on the golf course.

From Jeff- “I love my job. I meet all kinds of people on a daily basis and I enjoy hearing all of the stories of how our company has saved someone’s life or how the membership has given them financial peace of mind in case they are flown.  I enjoy educating everyone on the benefits of our membership program and I am very proud to represent a company that has such an impact on the communities we serve.  My son Brady who is 4 years old loves to count all of the membership stickers he sees on vehicles when we are driving.”

Employee Spotlight – Kevin Fear

Our spotlight shines on Kevin Fear today, who has been with Air Evac Lifeteam / AirMedCare Network since 2008!  What seems like just yesterday, has been nearly ten years!

Kevin was born and raised in Southern IL, and we’re proud that he represents us at AEL #35—Marion, IL & AEL #138—Harrisburg, IL.

Kevin has been married to his best friend, Heather, since June of 2013; They are parents to Kevin’s step-daughter Emily, age 17 and one extremely energetic fur baby, Sophie, a 3 ½ year old boxer.
Kevin enjoys being outdoors, working on odd jobs around their property and house.  This past summer, Kevin and his brother-in-law decided to take up skydiving as a hobby.  They survived and were immediately hooked!

From Kevin: “The most enjoyable aspect of working for AMCN is the wide variety of people I have met over the past eight years.  I have formed many good friendships with my coworkers and members alike.  I am truly proud to represent a company that provides such a valuable service to rural America and, at the same time, offers a means to eliminate the financial burden on our members.  I am excited to see what kind of growth we will experience in the years to come.”

Employee Spotlight – Rhonda Dean

Rhonda became a part of AMCN in April 2015 covering AEL-115 and AEL-55 which covers 5 counties in Texas. 

Rhonda is a native Texan, married to husband David and together they have 3 daughters and one granddaughter. Rhonda and family love spending time together, traveling and COWBOYS football. 🙂 

Rhonda has several fans in the main office, winning everyone over with her thoughtful and pleasant disposition!   We’re lucky to have her! 

From Rhonda: “I love that every day brings new people and new information to learn and to share. There are no better people to work with than those I work with daily; bases, my area 5 teammates, area director and headquarters personnel.  All are superior. Making it all worthwhile are the positive comments/feedback received daily from those purchasing and especially those who have been flown. ”  



Employee Spotlight – Horace Taylor

Our spotlight shines on Horace Taylor today, a veteran Membership Manager based out of Kerrville, Texas.

Horace has over 40  years of experience in Aviation and Logistics, and has even owned a small airline! Horace is also a Veteran of the Vietnam Era, and is married with two sons.

Horace joined the company in 2008, and has excelled at raising awareness for our membership ever since!

From Horace: ” I love my job and our mission.  My crew makes my job enjoyable and easier.  I consider myself as an educator not a Salesperson.  My mission is to educate everyone in my seven counties and to see an Air Med Care Sticker on every automobile that I pass.”




Employee Spotlight – David Stinar

This week’s spotlight features David Stinar, Membership Sales Manager representing the REACH Air Medical Services (formally Summit Air Ambulance) base in Helena, Montana.

David’s one year anniversary with AMCN is rapidly approaching, (one month from today!) and the time has flown!  David has four children, two dogs and two cats.  He has lived in the wide open spaces of Montana for 21 years, and has served his country via the US Army. David’s lifetime of sales and marketing has well prepared him for a career at AMCN.

From David: “In my spare time I am highly entertained by my books and thoughts of conquering the world. Now to be serious for a moment, my Area 3 and REACH teams are why I’m successful! Without their efforts, suggestions, and support, I might not have been accomplishing my goals within the organization.” 


Employee Spotlight – Susan Allard

Susan is a relatively new Membership Manager, starting in late 2014, in Western Texas. Her background is strongly in sales, primarily in the insurance/healthcare industry.

Susan is the proud mother of one daughter (pictured below), and 3 fur babies. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling and is an avid live music fan. She is involved in community activities and volunteers, desiring to make a positive difference in the world.

From Susan: “This is the only job I have ever had where strangers hug and cry on me on a regular basis, where people are truly grateful for the products and services we provide, where it is obvious that we are helping to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  Knowing that what we do is making a meaningful and positive difference in so many lives, on so many levels is why I enjoy what I do so much. 
I am also very grateful for all the hard work and support from my manager Madison Cook, he has made a profound difference in my ability to get things done and be successful. Having his positive, pro-active support and encouragement has been a game changer for me.”

As you can imagine, Susan’s positive attitude, passion for life and the well-being of everyone around her has made her well suited for our company’s mission. We’re glad to have her as part of the AMCN family!

susan abby f b sbs s.jpg

Michael Ashurst, Employee Spotlight

This week we’re featuring Michael Ashurst as our employee spotlight. 

Michael was first introduced to our product about 15 years ago, via presentation at the high school where he worked.  He was obviously impressed, and after he joined our team in 2011, we’ve been impressed with him as well! 
Michael has a wife of 31 years, and they are proud parents of four children. 

From Michael:
“I enjoy selling memberships to individuals and businesses because I truly believe that our product is one of the best products that one can have. I love the feeling of people being relieved when they purchase a membership for their household knowing it could save them thousands of dollars.
Working with Base 79 and 105 is an honor for me as their dedication along with all our bases is second to none.”


MSM of the Month – LaTere Jones

LaTere Jones is our Membership Sales Manager of the month for March.
LaTere is the local representative for the Cullman and Fayette Alabama locations, and has been with AirMedCare Network since January of 2014.

LaTere currently hold the title of being the Top Closer of MSP’s in AMCN.
LaTere is very driven to succeed, and that success landed him on the company sales convention to Turks & Caicos this year!


Before coming to work at AMCN, LaTere was a very successful salesmen in the software industry, making #1 salesman in the company three years in a row!  He has also owned several companies throughout his career, and served in the Air Force.

Congratulations LaTere, and keep up the hard work!


MSM of the Month – Nate Brown

Nate Brown has been selected as this month’s MSM of the Month!

Nate started his career with AMCN in April of 2015.  He is an asset not only to membership, but the communities he serves.  Nate goes above and beyond to ensure that expectations are exceeded.  He is well liked by his crews and is very established in his territory.  Nate is an MSM that people can depend on to always do the right thing and get the job done.


From Nate:

“I really enjoy the team-like atmosphere that our Area 4 possesses.  Whether it would be an idea/suggestion on something or helping each other with events, our team is unified in our mission.  I am also fortunate to have a great working relationship with the program director for western Kansas.  Overall, I feel blessed to be a part of such a fantastic organization in the AirMedCare Network and to be working alongside the dedicated professionals who make up Area 4.
When I am not in the field, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with the family.  Nearly eleven years ago, I pitched my best sales effort to my wife, Sara.  She signed up for the platinum plan of 25 years of marriage and will hopefully continue to renew afterwards!  We have two children, an 8 year old son, Darris and a 5 year old daughter, Delana; who both enjoy being outside from sunup to sundown.  It seems with each passing month, we are busier than before with activities that our kids are involved in.
Without a doubt, the neatest aspect of being an MSM is continually hearing the high praises that go out to the crews who perform at our local EagleMed bases of Hays, Goodland and Great Bend.  Their professionalism and commitment to patient care is second to none.  They are truly heroes in my book! “

And you’re a Hero in ours Nate!! Congratulations!

MSM of the Month – January 2016

Beverly Bauer is January’s MSM of the Month!   Beverly is approaching her 15 year anniversary with Air Evac Lifeteam / AirMedCare Network!  What an amazing accomplishment!

Beverly started at the AE22 base in Paris, AR, even before the aircraft arrived, and has been there ever since.  With just one base, Beverly consistently hits her goals and often exceeds them, she can always be counted upon to pull her weight as part of Area 7.

Beverly has been married to her husband Thomas for 47 years, and they are proud parents/grandparents to 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Beverly is a member and Treasurer of Southside Baptist Church in Paris, AR where she also teaches youth Sunday School.  She enjoys watching her grandchildren play sports, and occasionally reading in her downtime.