Employee Spotlight – Chris Willis

Our spotlight turns now to Chris Willis, Membership Manager for ‘The Shoals’, Tuscumbia, AL Air Evac Lifeteam Base #16.  Chris has been part of the family now for 7 years.

From childhood as a Boy Scout he fell in love with caring for others and offering first aid when needed. At age 18 he enlisted in the Alabama National Guard as a Combat Field Medic. In 1993 he went on active duty to Ft. Meade Maryland where he had his first introduction to helicopters while in Air Assault School.Air Assault School teaches soldiers how to repel from helicopters into situations to provide security and render aide. It was a major highlight when he went to Korea in 94 to be a medic on a Blackhawk helicopter with the Quick Reaction Force. In 1999 Chris volunteered to go to Bosnia for a 9 month rotation. While in Bosnia he worked as a Medic in the ER, Cat Scan, Lab, Sick Call and Ambulance Section. Every day patients were brought into the hospital via Blackhawk helicopters as Chris and his team raced to get them from the bird into the hospital. After Bosnia Chris gave up his military service to focus on starting a family.

Due to life’s full circle Chris has found his dream job! Taking care of people with the helicopter he grew to love with his Army time. Sharing how life can change and the beautiful product he had access too. With passion driving him he quickly rose to the occasion and started being a successful Sales person.

From Chris: ” I sold from the heart, that’s the beauty of what we do with AMCN. I love what I do!
I believe in our service, I believe in our Teams and Crews. No selfishness, just taking care of people from their health concerns to their pocket books. I have my dream job and I could not be more proud to be a part of such an amazing Family!”


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