Employee Spotlight – Jeff Miller

Our spotlight shines on Jeff Miller this week, our Membership Sales Manager representing Air Evac Lifeteam #108 in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Jeff has been with us since the summer of 2015.  Before joining the AirMedCare Network team Jeff was in retail and has over 15 years of management experience.

Jeff is proud of his Kentucky roots and lives where he was born and raised in Benton, Kentucky with his wife Deanna, son Brady, step-son Ethan and their dog Buttercup.  Jeff loves sports and is a fan of everything involving the University of Kentucky Wildcats, especially basketball.  If he’s not working or spending time with his family you can more than likely catch Jeff on the golf course.

From Jeff- “I love my job. I meet all kinds of people on a daily basis and I enjoy hearing all of the stories of how our company has saved someone’s life or how the membership has given them financial peace of mind in case they are flown.  I enjoy educating everyone on the benefits of our membership program and I am very proud to represent a company that has such an impact on the communities we serve.  My son Brady who is 4 years old loves to count all of the membership stickers he sees on vehicles when we are driving.”

2 thoughts on “Employee Spotlight – Jeff Miller

  1. Jeff is a positive member of our base. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to go the extra mile. We are glad to have him as our Membership Co-ordinator and to see the difference he has made in getting awareness out about the service we provide.


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