Employee Spotlight – Sandie Cryder

This week’s spotlight employee is Sandra Cryder, representing Air Evac Lifeteam #95 in Statesboro, GA, since the base open the fall of 2010.
Although she calls Statesboro home, she primarily grew up in a small town about 25 miles north of Statesboro.  Sandie is the proud mother of two sons, and “Mimi” to one granddaughter.

Sandie considers membership her 3rd baby since she has watched it grow and now sees it beginning to flourish in her area of southeast Georgia.

Since the early 90’s Sandie’s professional background had been in the banking world. She has always provided some kind of customer service and that is definitely one of the key factors that makes her successful in her membership role.

From Sandie: “As a single mom my first thought after hearing about the membership position was that working for a corporate company with benefits would be beneficial for my family.   It didn’t take long after beginning my journey with Air Evac/AMCN that I realized that I was part of something so much bigger!   In my presentation I’ve shared with people that our company is not only helping families when they have a medical emergency….we are there before, during and after something happens to you!  That’s what I believe membership is doing…helps you be prepared for the unexpected, our crews are there during your emergency and after, we have people to help you through the paperwork while you recover! It’s my goal to make sure that everyone living in my area never has to pay more than $65 for our service!”

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