Employee Spotlight – Linda Barnes

This week’s spotlight features Linda Barnes, Membership Manager for the newly re-branded Midwest AeroCare, located in Chanute, KS, which is also Linda’s hometown.

Linda has been serving the area as part of the AirMedCare Network team since January of 2014, and it was immediately evident that she is the lady for the job!  Her upbeat attitude is infectious, and her passion for life shows in her enthusiasm for her career.

From Linda: “Working for AMCN is amazing! I love people, and helping others. Sharing with people about our membership program has been a way to help and protect families, which is very satisfying! I have a strong passion and motivation for telling others about membership due to a family member being flown and insurance not covering the flight years ago.
 I consider my crew at Mid-West AeroCare my work family. I am very grateful to work with such an awesome team! Not only are they a fun bunch to work with and are very talented!  They’re my kind of people and my shade of crazy!
My mother always told me to do what you love and enjoyment will follow! This has certainly been true with my position at AirMedCare Network!”


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