Employee Spotlight – Susan Allard

Susan is a relatively new Membership Manager, starting in late 2014, in Western Texas. Her background is strongly in sales, primarily in the insurance/healthcare industry.

Susan is the proud mother of one daughter (pictured below), and 3 fur babies. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling and is an avid live music fan. She is involved in community activities and volunteers, desiring to make a positive difference in the world.

From Susan: “This is the only job I have ever had where strangers hug and cry on me on a regular basis, where people are truly grateful for the products and services we provide, where it is obvious that we are helping to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  Knowing that what we do is making a meaningful and positive difference in so many lives, on so many levels is why I enjoy what I do so much. 
I am also very grateful for all the hard work and support from my manager Madison Cook, he has made a profound difference in my ability to get things done and be successful. Having his positive, pro-active support and encouragement has been a game changer for me.”

As you can imagine, Susan’s positive attitude, passion for life and the well-being of everyone around her has made her well suited for our company’s mission. We’re glad to have her as part of the AMCN family!

susan abby f b sbs s.jpg

Employee Spotlight – Cindy Collins

Membership Manager Cindy Collins is our Employee Spotlight this week.

Cindy has been with us since March of 2012, serving the Dublin Georgia area.

Cindy has been happily married for 25 years to her husband, Keith, and they are proud parents of three daughters. Caitlin and Lindsay, 22 (twins) and Faith 16.

Cindy was working in the emergency room at ahospital where Air Evac  Lifeteam would fly in, bringing patients to a higher level of care.  There she met the Program Director for the local base, and he told her about an available position as the Sales Rep. The base was still new in the area and needed a representative to be their voice in the community. Cindy applied and the rest is history!

From Cindy: “I have loved every minute of it and get great satisfaction out of meeting the people that I do on a daily basis. It does my heart good to know that we help people in their greatest time of need and that I can play a small part in that!
I really consider this a passion more than a job!
I strive to remember the 4 P’s of my day everyday!
Purpose- there is a purpose for my day and I try to have a plan to reach that purpose
Passion-I try and convey my passion for what we to do everyone I come in contact with
Pride-I take pride in my job and what we do!
People- I look forward to meeting new people every day!!”

Michael Ashurst, Employee Spotlight

This week we’re featuring Michael Ashurst as our employee spotlight. 

Michael was first introduced to our product about 15 years ago, via presentation at the high school where he worked.  He was obviously impressed, and after he joined our team in 2011, we’ve been impressed with him as well! 
Michael has a wife of 31 years, and they are proud parents of four children. 

From Michael:
“I enjoy selling memberships to individuals and businesses because I truly believe that our product is one of the best products that one can have. I love the feeling of people being relieved when they purchase a membership for their household knowing it could save them thousands of dollars.
Working with Base 79 and 105 is an honor for me as their dedication along with all our bases is second to none.”