Borrego Springs, California becomes first municipality in CA to cover residents…

Borrego Springs CA Press Release

The city of Borrego Springs, California, has entered into an agreement with REACH Air Medical Services, giving residents peace of mind with county-wide membership coverage.

In the event an insured Borrego Springs resident is flown by REACH or any AirMedCare Network participating provider for a life- or limb-threatening emergency from within San Diego County, Ca., that AMCN-participating air medical service will work with your benefits provider to secure payment for the flight. Whatever the patient’s benefits provider pays is considered payment in full. Even with medical insurance, an air medical transport may leave patients and their families with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. If the resident transported is uninsured at the time of transport, REACH will bill the covered person at the “Medicare Allowable Rate” for the transport.

City residents may also take advantage of upgrading to full AirMedCare Network Membership at a discounted rate, to gain full coverage with no pickup location or insurance coverage restrictions.

For questions about membership in the AirMedCare Network program, please call 800-793-0010 or visit Locally, AirMedCare Network Membership Manager George Nava can be reached at 760-550-1465.

REACH Air Medical Services is a participating provider in the AirMedCare Network, the largest air ambulance membership network in the United States. AirMedCare Network participating providers have more than 245 air medical bases across 32 states, providing air ambulance services for residents who suffer a life- or limb-threatening illness or injury.


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