October 2015 – MSM of the Month!

Missy Welborn is the Membership Sales Manager covering two Air Evac Lifeteam Bases, #77 in LaGrange, Georgia and #112 in Carrollton, Georgia. Prior to starting with AirMedCare Network in December 2010, she served Troup County Georgia as an emergency dispatcher for 10 years. Since coming to AMCN she has successfully grown and developed the membership base in her service areas. She recently became the first Membership Manager in region 8 to close multiple Municipal Site Plans. During her time with AMCN, she has been a prominent and integral part of the team, showing her passion and dedication to the mission, vision, and values of AirMedCare Network, and Air Evac Lifeteam. When she is not out serving the community, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. You Only Live Once or “YOLO” is her motto in life.

Her direct supervisor describes Missy as having Unrivaled professionalism, being contagiously enthusiastic and a results oriented team member. She eagerly addresses competitive threats with a can do attitude;  She has increased YTD productivity by 227% over 2014 totals. She is laser-focused on team excellence; always volunteering to meet with potential MSM applicants and train new teammates in their assigned territories to ensure Region 8 is comprised of the right skills and wills.

missy2  missy5missy3

AMCN Gives Back! – Valley Fire Relief Donation

IMG_5388A representative from AirMedCare Network presented a check, in the amount of $10,890.00, to the Northern California Valley Fire Relief fund, setup by the Lakeport Rotary club.

The below message was sent to salesmen in the AirMedCare Network, (on Sept 25th) which REACH is a part of:

“Good Afternoon,

As many of you know, northern California continues to be ravaged by fires, causing the third most destructive wildfire on record.  The 76 thousand acre “Valley Fire” has burned woodlands in Lake, Napa, and Sonoma counties.  Thousands of home’s have been destroyed. At least four human lives were lost. The president has declared the event a Major Disaster, which releases federal money for recovery and cleanup, including grant money for temporary housing and home repairs. However, this relief is temporary, and the citizens effected, which includes some REACH employees, need our help.

We have set up a Get Code, to support the Valley Fire Relief fund.

All new memberships received in house from 9/25/15-10/02/15, that do not already have a Get Code assigned will have this code input.  Monies collected will go to support the victims who have lost their homes in these communities.  “

AirMedCare Network also took up collections in their West Plains, MO Membership Department location, for an internal donation to their coworkers effected by this disaster.

Did you know, AMCN also has Fixed-Wing aircraft in the coverage network?

A bit of information on Fixed-Wing Medical Transport, from the Association of Air Medical Services:


When did “Fixed Wing” aircraft begin to be utilized for medical transport?

Fixed Wing aircraft were the first aircraft used in medEvac transport. A medical section of the Army Air Corps was created as early as June 1, 1925 using converted DeHaviland aircraft.  Helicopters did not see use as medical transports until 1944.

Cal-Ore Aircraft
Cal-Ore Aircraft

Why are patients flown by fixed wing?

Patients are flown by fixed wing for many different reasons.  These can range from the stable patient involved in an accident, or with a long-term medical condition, wishing to relocate closer to family for rehabilitative care, to the critical heart failure patient requiring intensive care transfer to receive a transplant.  The fixed wing environment differs from the rotor wing environment primarily in that fixed wing travels farther, faster and higher. The fixed wing is primarily a facility-to-facility transport, typically long distance in nature.

Secondly, there are typically more choices of different types of aircraft, and selections that are less expensive per mile and/or per hour to operate.  With licensure and accreditation standards available and easily verifiable, the care provided in the fixed wing environment is the same as the helicopter.  The fixed wing is typically not in competition with the rotor wing in that the rotor wing service typically is for moving a patient from a scene to a primary care facility, or a tertiary care facility to a primary care facility.

Who can request a medEvac transport?

Physicians, Nurses, Pre-hospital personnel, Law Enforcement and any other personnel determined by state or local protocols.

What are the types of medical conditions for which patients are flown?Trauma, medical (seizure, pulmonary, etc) spinal, burn, pediatric, replant, neonate, organ procurement, High risk OB, non-trauma neuro, and cardiac.


*AirMed Aircraft are under a separate membership.

Spirit Week at AMCN

Relay for Life Benefit, Spirit Week!

We’ve got Spirit yes we do!

Here at AMCN, we love to help great causes, and are the highest contributor in Howell County, MO to Relay for Life for three years running!

Below are photos of some of our Spirit Week participants.  (Some were just too busy assisting customers to pose for a photo, but this gives you an idea of the fun week we had!)

Nerd Day 2015 AirMedCare Network
Nerd Day 2015
Orange-Green AirMedCare Network
Leukemia/Lymphoma Awareness Day (Orange and Green)
Twin Day at AirMedCare Network
Twin Day!
Sports Day at AirMedCare Network
Sports Day!
Favorite T-Shirt Day at AMCN
Favorite T-Shirt Day!