Member Testimonial

Below is a testimonial from Member Michael Ferrington.  Unfortunately, he was not a member at the time of his accident, but he is now. This testimonial has not been edited in any way.

People don’t realize just how valuable that $65 can be. I found out the hard way. I had a truck fall on my head on October 18, 2012 & had to be air lifted from one hospital to another (about 150 mile flight).  The final bill was right at $32,000.00.  I had Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance & they only covered about $11,000.00 of the bill.  So, I’ll be paying the balance out over the course of several years….BUT I am so very thankful for AirEvac because the trauma team wasn’t sure if I would even live long enough to make the flight, let alone an ambulance ride.  (I knew I was gonna live, though, because I had God on my side!)  Also, the flight crew was absolutely AWESOME!! We, laughed & cracked jokes (the best I could laugh & crack jokes with a crushed face) from the time they picked me up until the time they dropped me off (& they literally almost did drop me getting me out of the chopper). One of the crew called my mom & girlfriend when we arrived at LSU Shreveport & again when they got me admitted into the trauma unit there. Really a super group of guys y’all have there!! 

This particular crew flew out of Natchez, Mississippi.  The copter is located on Hwy 61 directly behind a restaurant we eat at frequently…I’ve thought several times (yesterday being one of them) about just knocking on the door & telling whomever is there how much I appreciate what y’all did for me.  I know it probably wouldn’t be the same fight crew, but it doesn’t matter to me.  I know they get paid well for what they do & are worth it…but sometimes a handshake, a Thank You, & just the show of appreciation is worth more than the paycheck.

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We appreciate each and every one of our Members!

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