Member Testimonial

Below is a testimonial from Member Michael Ferrington.  Unfortunately, he was not a member at the time of his accident, but he is now. This testimonial has not been edited in any way.

People don’t realize just how valuable that $65 can be. I found out the hard way. I had a truck fall on my head on October 18, 2012 & had to be air lifted from one hospital to another (about 150 mile flight).  The final bill was right at $32,000.00.  I had Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance & they only covered about $11,000.00 of the bill.  So, I’ll be paying the balance out over the course of several years….BUT I am so very thankful for AirEvac because the trauma team wasn’t sure if I would even live long enough to make the flight, let alone an ambulance ride.  (I knew I was gonna live, though, because I had God on my side!)  Also, the flight crew was absolutely AWESOME!! We, laughed & cracked jokes (the best I could laugh & crack jokes with a crushed face) from the time they picked me up until the time they dropped me off (& they literally almost did drop me getting me out of the chopper). One of the crew called my mom & girlfriend when we arrived at LSU Shreveport & again when they got me admitted into the trauma unit there. Really a super group of guys y’all have there!! 

This particular crew flew out of Natchez, Mississippi.  The copter is located on Hwy 61 directly behind a restaurant we eat at frequently…I’ve thought several times (yesterday being one of them) about just knocking on the door & telling whomever is there how much I appreciate what y’all did for me.  I know it probably wouldn’t be the same fight crew, but it doesn’t matter to me.  I know they get paid well for what they do & are worth it…but sometimes a handshake, a Thank You, & just the show of appreciation is worth more than the paycheck.

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“An uninsured employer is required to pay $21,201 for Life Flight helicopter services in connection with injuries sustained by a part-time irrigation worker at the employer’s farm. The employee severely cut the tip of his left “pinky” finger when his hand slipped into the chain of a motor. Following the accident, the employee drove himself to the home of an off-duty police officer, who then called 911. EMTs arrived and made a determination that perhaps the tip of the finger could be reattached. They, therefore, summoned Life Flight. Efforts to reattach the tip later were, however, unsuccessful. The employer contended that the Life Flight trip was a needless expense and that it was not medically necessary. The high court disagreed. The high court acknowledged that with the benefit of hindsight, the decision to fly the employee to the hospital might not have been made. Judging the issue with hindsight was not, however, the appropriate standard. Given the circumstances, the high court said substantial and competent evidence supported the Commission’s decision.” READ ARTICLE

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