Enter to win a $50 shopping spree at our AMCN Promo Store!

Who do you know that could benefit from our Membership? Everyone, right?

To Enter: email referrals that are not currently Members.
Each valid name/phone/city/state sent will be considered one entry, and will be entered into our drawing to win a shopping spree!
Depending on response, we will determine if this is a monthly or quarterly drawing. Higher response = more often!

Your referrals will be sent to the local Membership Manager in their area, who will simply call them and explain the membership.  This will not be a pressurized sales call, just a call to explain the service, and let them know of the expanded coverage area and wonderful benefits our Membership provides!

Our recent Member Survey indicated many members didn’t know their membership is valid across 32 states, with 4 leading provider companies and their subsidiaries!  That’s well over 200 locations across the US, and growing fast!   Help us get the word out, and educate your friends and neighbors!

Coverage Map - June 2015
Coverage Map – June 2015

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